Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My latest commission...

This weekend we installed my latest commission – double door panels at the cottage of Mary and Don Spring.

My husband Peter and Don installed the panels and hung the doors. 
The project was in the design and fabrication stage for a few months, and we were all eager to see the panels in situ.  Interior door panels pose a specific challenge.  They are viewed from both sides, and usually do not get direct light.  I made 3 test pieces using different colours and techniques, before finalizing my design.   These pieces were also at the size limit of what I am able to fuse as a single panel in my kilns approximately 20 by 30 inches each. 

Mary and Don were wonderful clients.  They trusted my creative and technical skills, and let me be the artist.  Of course there were a couple of requests; a winter/summer theme, with birch trees.  And I kept them in the loop as the drawings and tests advanced.  I didn’t want the panels to be too big a surprise!

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