Tuesday, 1 July 2014

New Work - Fresh from the Kiln!

Moonrise (detail)
The development work I did for the Huntsville Festival of the Arts art piece got me intrigued with creating evocative sky effects with glass frit.  Frit is crushed or ground glass available in a variety of grit sizes, and created from the tested compatible glass I use in my work.  I’ve used frit for decades, but never explored its potential in this way before.
Here are some of the pieces I’ve made in the past few months.  I love being able to shade and blend my colours in a painterly way, and the “misty moon” effect is especially rewarding.  I enjoy the challenge of working in layers of frit; I sift it, spoon it, pat it and move it around with my fingers.  I bury colours that will only be revealed again when the piece is fired.  Memory, experience, skill and a sense of discovery are all engaged to create this work.  To see more photos, check out my gallery on one of my studio tour web pages, Artists of the Limberlost or Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour.

  I hope you’ll be able to see my work in person at one of these upcoming events:
 Artists of the Limberlost, August 16 & 17 (my studio near Huntsville Muskoka) 
Apsley Autumn Studio Tour, September 20 & 21 (guest artist studio N, north of Peterborough) 
Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour, September 27 & 28 and October 4 & 5 (my studio near HuntsvilleMade in Muskoka Christmas, December 12-14 (Sutherland Hall in the Town of Huntsville.
I also see clients by appointment at my studio, and ship mail orders.  Email me if you have a request!
Planet Earth - 5" bowl
Happy Summer, Everyone!
Northern Light

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