Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Final firing

I’m finishing up a few last pieces for the Artists of the Limberlost tour, August 15 &16.  Here is a before and after firing comparison.  These pieces will become 5” round bowls and 6” square plates after grinding, then firing them again over moulds to shape them. 
The kiln is ready to fire!
The original compositions are developed by layering specially formulated clear and coloured glass in sheet,
crushed and powdered form. The islands with trees are made from copper foil copper layered between glass.  Before firing the work often bears little resemblance to the final product, which is a particular challenge of the medium. You may notice a pink background under the unfired work.  This is the kiln wash that coats the clay shelves I fire on.  The pink dye burns out when fired.
12 hours later - fuse fire is complete.  Compare the differences.

It’s interesting to compare how the piece looks before and after firing.  Often I am surprised by the results myself!  You can see the finished bowls and plates if you visit my studio during Artists of the Limberlost Open Studio Weekend. 

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