Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Dance of Light

brightening up a bit

One of the aspects of working in the medium of glass that continues to engage and fascinate me is the interplay between light and glass.  My skill in serving as a dance-partner with light is always evolving.
Glass art is always seen in relationship with the light that enlivens it.  The warm light of sunset is totally different from that of a gloomy morning or of a sunny winter day.  Artificial light differs from natural light, and incandescent is different from LED. Front lighting and backlighting are often both present.  The goal is to find a balance that works in these changing light conditions.
Colour, translucence and opacity are all affected by light.  I took some photographs of a recent commission that I was able to observe over a few of days under different conditions, before delivering it to it’s new home.  Look closely to see what differences you notice.
a dull day

finally sunshine!

A blast of evening sun

The panel (18”w x 25”h) will be installed to provide both privacy and a visual feature in the room.  I imagine the client may spend more time there from now on, as each viewing offers a unique experience!

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