Saturday, 11 August 2012

Artists of the Limberlost August 18 & 19

With less than a week until Artists of theLimberlost Open Studio Weekend, the kilns have been running pretty constantly.  Nothing like a deadline for motivation…
I’m developing some new work, as well as making some favourites, like my “island silhouette” pieces. 

  I decided to take a moment to shoot a few candid pictures of what my studio looks like in the chaotic last week before the big clean-up.

I’m excited to introduce you to my new guest artist Clay Brown, the Olympic Blacksmith – yes he really is a former Olympic rower!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy his metal garden art and beautiful table bases.  And of course, my friend Vicki Sharp will be back with her popular jewellery as well.

It’s going to be a great tour, and I hope you’ll be able to pay a visit to Artists of the Limberlost this year!

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