Saturday, 6 October 2012

2012 Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour a wonderful success!

All set for the Tour!

Luca Bella - my youngest fan
We had great attendance this September; with 2 weekends for art lovers to explore Muskoka, several hundred people came up the Limberlost Rd. to visit my studio.  I was totally exhausted afterwards, but very gratified that so many of those visitors found something at my glass studio to take home with them!  I received this heart-warming email from one of my new customers:

 Hi Susan,
I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous piece I bought at your gallery on Saturday.
It is sitting on a wide windowsill in my kitchen in downtown Toronto with light pouring through it.
I have been lucky enough to spend 65 years in Algonquin Park at our cottage...which is really a glorified screened -in verandah...your birches just caught my heart strings...
What a treasure to have.
Thanks again.


Thoughtful notes like this let me know that I’m being successful in expressing and sharing the beauty and spirit of the Near North.  Thank you so much, KW! 

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