Friday, 21 February 2014

Reflections of Midday

Reflections of Midday - on it's side!

“Reflections of Midday” is a free-hanging panel I made recently for an exhibition at the Canada Summit Centre, Huntsville.  The show features work by Artists of the Limberlost, and runs to May 12, 2014.
Here it is, lying on my work table, in the correct orientation.
Winter is a time of re-evaluation and experimentation for me.  This year I wanted to design a non-objective piece using exclusively frit –glass for fusing that has been crushed and graded according to 5 different sized “grits”, from powder to coarse.  I had some old pine window frames salvaged from a nearby cottage, and began removing the clear glass, rock-hard putty and loose paint from one of the frames, without an idea of where I’d go with it.  While I continued restoring the wooden frame, I got to thinking about what that window had looked out on over the years.  I imagined a sunbaked cottage garden full of bright flowers – the sky in the distance.  Rather than make six panels to fit into the openings, I made 30 strips, like a venetian blind with small spaces between – giving the sense of not one “scene”, but glimpses of many.  I’m pleased with the result, and will photograph it properly when the exhibition is over.  It does look better in real life!  This panel is for sale.  Please contact me if interested.

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