Monday, 3 March 2014

Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour

Yes, autumn... hard to believe I'm doing a post about autumn when it's March and looks (and feels) like early January!  But there you have it.  This is what my place looked like yesterday, March 2, 2014. 

Events like the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour (MAST) take planning!  Our wonderful graphic designer, Jennifer Pimentel, has completed the layout for the 2014 MAST brochures and sent it off to be printed.  Soon you'll be seeing them in stores, restaurants and tourist info centres throughout the District and beyond, as we begin promoting this year's Tour.  We have welcomed some new artists to the group, so be sure to pick up a brochure to see everything we have to offer this year.  And remember, most studios are open at other times as well, so keep a brochure handy for when you need a special gift, or for when you have visitors that would enjoy seeing some of the best art and fine craft Muskoka has to offer!

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