Friday, 27 November 2015

Seasonal Offerings

The Made in Muskoka Christmas Show and Sale is fast approaching, and my management partner Miranda and I have been busy with organizing and promoting this event, held annually at Huntsville’s historic Sutherland Hall.  Check out our facebook page as well as our website with photos featuring incredible products you’ll find at the show, as well as a gift guide and info on all of our exhibitors.

I’ve also been finishing up my own newest work for the show.  Celestial events seem to be the theme this year for me, with Northern Lights, sunsets, and more of my “cosmic bowls”.  Every piece is different, and each of my customers will go home with a truly “one of a kind” work of glass art.  For those who like their art more “down to earth”, I have some floral free-standing art pieces featuring seasonal Muskoka wildflowers,  a limited supply of Christmas ornaments and pins, and my ever-popular colourful spoon rests!  See me at Made in Muskoka Christmas, Huntsville, December 11-13. 

Here’s a kiln load ready for slumping.  You may wonder why the pink background.  The “kiln wash” I use to keep the glass from sticking to the surface it’s fired on, has a dye in it, which burns out upon firing.  This way I can tell which molds and kiln shelves need to be re-coated.  There are many jobs that go into craft besides the creative work of design. Coating kiln shelves and molds is one of the more mundane tasks in my studio.

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