Friday, 21 July 2017

A Successful Collaboration

HFA Award

Earlier this year, the Huntsville Festival of the Arts, a cornerstone of culture in Huntsville, decided to celebrate the convergence of its own 25th anniversary with Canada’s 150th, by recognizing the contributions of its volunteers and sponsors with a specially commissioned award.  Both sculptor Brenda Wainman Goulet and I were invited to make proposals, and we decided to offer a joint project, incorporating my glass and Brenda’s sculpture together in one work.  The prototype was received with favour, a final design was approved, and production began on 25 small sculptures in our two separate studios.  

The sculptures, now known as HFA Awards, incorporate a musical note (representing the Festival) embossed in a glass Northern Lights sky, mounted in an iconic northern landscape sculpture. Each glass component was individually made, so they have variations while maintaining a consistent overall appearance.  They were presented at the Festival’s season opening on July 5th,, at a concert by The Canadian Brass.

detail showing embossed note
the completed glass pieces

2017 recipients of the HFA Award

Brenda and I have both created commissioned art for the Huntsville Festival of the Arts in the past, and it was an honour to have the opportunity to contribute once again.

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