Thursday, 7 September 2017

Apsley Autumn Studio Tour

In about a week I will be packing up my work and hitting the road for Apsley Ontario to exhibit at the Apsley Autumn Studio Tour.  This is an outstanding studio tour with many talented artists and artisans eager to open their studios and share their work with the public.   I am a regular guest artist at my friend Molly Moldovan’s painting studio, and I’m looking forward both to seeing her recent work and to meeting the many people who will be coming through the door on their own art adventure.
Pictured is my studio set up for my own recent studio tour, and a few pieces in the kiln awaiting their final firing before heading to Apsley. 

 My “Northern Lights” themed pieces are very popular. When completed,the ones below be free-standing art pieces in iron stands, like the pieces on the right in the image above.

in the kiln for "fire polish" firing
Finally, is a piece that I just composed but is not yet fired.  It will look completely different after it’s fired, ground, polished and mounted.  Meet me at studio “M”, September 16 & 17 and see how it turns out!

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